Day of truth

Well….This is it. Today should end with me having not one, but two treatment plans. I see my oncologist here in about an hour and then I will leave straight from here and drive to Boston for a second opinion at Mass General.

I will also get the results of my PET scan today so I will walk away knowing where all this awfulness has decided to live inside of my body. I have the cd from the scan and I even looked at it myself, but it’s nothing like Greys Anatomy. It’s not color coded for my easy viewing and understanding. Lol.
I guess reading this gibberish is what Dr’s get paid the big bucks for!

So I have a busy busy day. But I think I found a way to consolidate (found on Pinterest no less!!)

To do list:
1. Beat cancer
2. Live my life!

Sounds easy enough to me… Wish me luck!!!


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