Man I’m awesome!

I’ve got lots of updates to give since I haven’t been up to writing much lately thanks to my friend chemo, but the best update is I my original tumor has shrunk 70%! This means the cancer is responding well to the chemo I am getting. We already had an idea it was since I lost my hair so early and it pretty much wiped out all my white blood cells, but it was so awesome to hear it and see the smile on my docs face. Ahhhhhhh I’m so happy! I’m still far from remission, but at least I know i am headed in the right direction. One step at a time…. I can do this!

Ok. Now I can bore you all with other not so exciting updates. I have fired my Scarborough oncologist so no more chemo there. I will now be going to Bridgeton to be treated by a very amazing staff who have a vested interest in my care [Jared’s mom 🙂 and her crew ]. However, I will be doing radiation in Scarborough which will be starting in about 2 weeks. Originally, they were going to do surgery instead of radiation because they feared it would be too hard on my body, but they have since decided that it’s my best option, so hears to hoping for minimal consequences….

I will now be doing radiation 5 days a week possibly twice daily and chemo once a week for 5 weeks and then I’ll go back to my chemo 3x a week every 3 weeks routine to finish out the 6 rounds. It’s all a big mess, but there is a plan and I feel good about it.

O and guess what?! I may be getting published! I mean I have to live through this whole thing, which is obviously going to happen, but because what I have is so rare…when the outcome is good.. My doc will be writing it all up in a medical journal 🙂 super cool… Right?!

Yay! Did I mention I am soooo happy today!! Lol cuz I am really super happy today!


2 down; 4 to go

Finished my second round chemo on Friday. Wow this stuff is rough. I understand now what people really mean by fighting and battling cancer. This is freaking intense. I always thought of myself as strong, but I was sorely mistaken. I never knew what strong was.

It looks like the next round we will be adding radiation to the mix. I’m just so thankful right now that I am getting a few weeks break in between. I don’t know how people do this?!


I’m getting my port today. Blood counts finally made their way back up. I’m glad to be getting this today but not so excited about the procedure itself. Originally I was supposed to be knocked out for the whole thing and wake up in recovery at Maine med. this last week I was informed of Maine meds increase in infections and requested my port be placed at mercy instead. Turns out mercy doesn’t put you out completely. It’s more like a twilight they put you under. You’re still awake but you’re pretty loopy and don’t remember too much. Ahhhhh… I don’t want to remember anything! Can someone please just come knock me out and let me know when it’s all done!?!?! Please and thank you lol