Upta camp

I’ll be leaving for camp a little earlier tomorrow it looks like. Lab results came back today and my white blood cell count is even lower than it was Monday. It’s not critical yet so thankfully I don’t have to be bubble girl, but it’s concerning because at this point it should be rising and not falling. Also means I can’t get my port put in tomorrow because I am at a high risk for infection. My counts have to come up before Tuesday or else I can’t get chemo either. It’s all very frustrating. I really want to get this port done because I’m already running out of good veins. I got stuck twice this morning when they were trying to draw labs and then twice more when they were trying to do an iv before my MRI. I can see this getting old quick.

O well. Heading upta camp tomorrow makes it all better. I’m excited to get out and have some fun and get my mind off all this mess!

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