No lies

Ok… So I won’t lie. Yesterday sucked. I’m trying really hard not to care about insignificant things like my hair, but it just doesn’t feel insignificant at all! Ugh.
So….many of you know it’s already falling out… And falling out bad. Thankfully I have no patches yet, but last night I bit the bullet and cut it short. It’s not shaved yet by any means but it’s a lot less devastating seeing short hair fall out than the long strands I had. It’s not even like I haven’t had short hair before; it’s just that I loved my hair long and was happy to keep it that way for good.
I do have a long haired wig now and it’s beautiful. Only problem is that it feels completely foreign. I literally feel like I have a cat sitting on my head.

Ok. Now that I have vented a little I will move on. The good news in all this is it means the chemo is working and destroying the cells it’s suppose to! Yay! A lot of people don’t lose their hair until after the second treatment so I guess I can consider myself lucky.




2 thoughts on “No lies”

  1. Hay little one u look good both long.amd short hair. Keep the positive attitude about all this and we will keep the prayers going up to the one true healer of all things. God can do all things through our faith in him.
    Your other dad.

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