Of course it would happen to me!

So day one of chemo consisted of being hooked up to an iv for 7 1/2 hours ( I should have gotten to clock in with the rest of the staff!)

It was going well. I was having the time of my life torturing Jared into playing games with me (although he was a champ and did it with a smile).

But around hour six my vein decided it didn’t want to play anymore and the chemo leaked into my arm :(. Ouch! I was talking on the phone with Clarkson (from HR) at the time and thought I was going to drop the phone. It literally felt like a fireball going through my veins. Of course I’ve heard of it happening, but it’s usually when you have been doing chemo for a long time and your veins become weak. This doesn’t usually happen on your first chemo experience! Ugh! Now I have a huge knot/bruise on my arm and it sure didn’t feel like sunshine for awhile. The type of chemo that went in tho was probably the best kind that could. It just acted as an irritant ( and irritating it was!) lol other types could have caused necrosis (which means cell death). Yay! I got lucky hahahah. Needless to say Im going to have a port put in my chest to save this from happening again. But I have to finish this cycle first which means 2 poor days through normal veins.

The next 2 days I will only be receiving treatment for 2 hours each so hopefully it won’t be so bad.

In better news. They have me on so many nausea meds that I haven’t gotten sick yet. I actually went to the gym last night! I may or may not have felt like I got hit by a bus when I left my appt but I was motivated to do something that would make me feel like normal Brittney… And it worked. I felt great after I left.

My next chemo appt is at 11. Time to go look for some wigs before then.

Sorry this blog was so long. I’ll try to keep them condensed in the future!


One thought on “Of course it would happen to me!”

  1. Your getting the newest treatment for cancer. :-). Your gonna be fine my dear sweet niece. And all your dreams will come true. I read about that treatment just three weeks ago. They are having huge success with it . Love you

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